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April 2015

22 April 2015 Day 11 (Wednesday) Week 2 The Kraal self-catering chalets Maun

Route: South Camp Nxai Pan - A4 – Maun.

The A4 road is quite heavily potholed and unless repaired soon it will become as the Nata – Kasane road was. The very unpopular Foot and Mouth Barrier was passed 60,5km before Maun and they were certainly searching all vehicles passing in the opposite direction to us, from west to east.

22 April 2015 Day 11 (Wednesday) Week 2 The Kraal self-catering chalets Maun


“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read”. -Oscar Wilde.

I type this sitting on the deck of the Kraal overlooking the Thamalakane River on the outskirts of Maun. What a wonderful setting and well chosen for us by Tara-Lee Flory of Botswana Footprints, another punt for Tara who has excelled with her bookings. The Kraal is wonderful for those wanting slightly more upmarket accommodation in Maun and not at the many busy traditionally used campsites. There is more on this in the detail section.

19 April 2015 Day 8 Week 2 MNP Tree Island campsite

I hope these details will help persuade others to add MNP as a stopover during a visit to Botswana. I don’t believe in “secret places” and instead believe the more often places are visited the more likely that their existence will remain viable. As alluded to in yesterday’s posting timing is of the essence it seems to try and guess where the animals will be and this also mean guessing some time in advance what the rains will be doing, not a reliable pursuit at the best of times. What I would plan for the future. Dry season (June to November) – Khumaga and the Boteti.

18 April 2015 Day 7 Week 1 Tree Island Campsite Makgadikgadi National Park (MNP).

Distance travelled: 290 km Time taken: 8 hours


The feature of today’s travels was the bad condition again of the road from Deception Valley to Matswere Gate and then onto the tar near Rakops. This bit of road is in far worse condition than any of the roads within CKGR. It obviously never receives any maintenance whatsoever. Fortunately the mud ponds had largely dried up.