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November 2015

GEEKS. Ethiopia, Mekele, Hilltop Hotel. Tuesday 23 November, Week 29, day 220.


Adigrat – Edega Hamus – Frewenyi – Wukro – Mekele.

Distance travelled and time taken.

2hr and 102km.

I do realize that there are far more scenic and off the beaten track routes that can be taken, for instance those via Hawzien, but I was anxious to secure a booking for Danakil asap. As it turned out I need not have worried.

GEEKS. Ethiopia. Axum, Africa Hotel carpark camping, Friday 20 and Saturday 21 November. Week 28, days 216 and 217.


Debark – Adri Arqay – Endaabaguna – Shire – Axum.

Time taken and distance covered.

5hr 45min, 242km.

Route breakdown and details.

• As mentioned in the dispatch the first 30km is dirt down and along the most wonderful, narrow road. This drive must rate high in the top ten scenic drives of our journey thus far.

GEEKS. Ethiopia. Debark, Walya Lodge. Wednesday 18 November. Week 28, day 214.


Wild Camp (29km from Gallabat and the border) – Gallabat/Metema border – Gondar – Debark.

Time taken and distance covered.

8hr and 317km including a speedy 1hr 20min through both sides of the border.

Route breakdown and details.

• The main reason this 300 odd kms took so long was twofold. The stretch of road between our wild camp and Gallabat was very potholed and it took us 35min to cover 30km. Then also after the border the road, although in reasonable nick, has many steep uphills and going is slow.

GEEKS. Sudan, Wild camp 29km from Gallabat/Metema Border. Tuesday 17 November. Week 28, day 213.


Khartoum – Wad Medani – bypass Gedaref – Wild Camp (29km from border).

Total distance and time taken.

530km and 8hr 40min. OTHER DETAILS.

• Toll gate at 32km from Khartoum. Pay Sudanese Pounds 13.

• Turn left at Wad Medani, 180km from Khartoum.

• Turn right and bypass Gedaref 400km from Khartoum.

• The road is severely potholed from Gedaref to the border.