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We will take a small hand-operated meat mincer, so that even if the locally sourced meat is tough it can at least be minced. As long as meat is fresh, I have no problem sourcing it locally even if hanging in a tree. The choice cuts such as beef fillet are not priced any higher than the tougher cuts in the hinterland. We expect to eat a fair amount of goat. With our freezer we will be able to carry enough meat for the two of us for about 3 weeks and thus will have to stock up when good quality is available. We are used to cooking on Dutch ovens (cast iron pots) on the fire. As Africans we love barbequed meat, henceforth referred to as the much caricatured braai. We understand that fresh fish is easy to come by in certain areas and are looking forward to this. Scrawny African chickens promise not to be a highlight. We will be carrying plenty of condiments and spices to jazz up the food and will also be able to restock on the road. As avid carnivores this is the area where we seem most likely to suffer.

We have established that fruit and certain veggies are best bought in the local markets but do not expect to find too many of the salad ingredients we are most fond of. We also plan to eat a lot of the local food and the Rolexs of Uganda and Injera of Ethiopia spring to mind. Unfortunately neither of us are too keen on the traditional thick maize meal porridge used as a staple in East and Southern Africa. I am looking forward to the superb coffee and have a hand operated coffee grinder. Starches such as rice and pasta do not take up too much room and we are experienced in baking pot bread on the fire. We will be taking some luxury tinned foods with us from home and will just have to save it for special occasions. However we do understand that top class supermarkets are present in many of the larger centers. I am looking forward to sampling the wide variety of bottled lager beers available cheaply throughout the continent and we are also looking forward to the fresh fruit juices available in a number of the countries. I fear we are going to miss the good cheap South African wines. Another favorite likely to be in short supply is cheese.