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The journey home. Tuesday 12 January, day 279, week 36. Fringilla Farm Campsite.


“I don't feel restless, I just like to travel”. Brad Pitt.



• Zambia, Kapishya Hot Springs to north of Lusaka.

• Fringilla Farm Campsite.

• Distance covered 700km, taking 9hr15min.

A glance at the distance covered for the day should make it obvious how much better the roads are as one travels south. The roads were less laden with heavy trucks than one might have expected and luxury of luxuries, there were overtaking lanes on the uphills. We drove past the popular campsites of Mutinondo (191km from Kapishya) and Forest Inn (297km south of Mutinondo), both utilised on the northern leg. We had decided on the well-known campsite at Fringilla Farm. The last thing we wanted was to arrive at the outskirts of Lusaka during the late afternoon traffic jams and Fringilla is just 40km short of Lusaka. This would mean that with an early start we could get through Lusaka before the morning traffic. In heavy traffic it can take up to 3 hours to pass through the Zambian capital.

Fringilla is a far more substantial setup than I ever realized. This working farm has a wide variety of tourist oriented facilities. They have multiple chalets and huts of varying degrees of luxury and cost. The camping area is not all that large, would guess about 5 sites altogether. The ablutions are very good with flush and hot showers. There appear to be electric plug points and good water with washing up basins and good security. The campsite is far enough from the road to avoid noise from the trucks. You are surrounded by farming activities and animals. The bar and restaurant are nicely laid out and we had a very good steak, however the buffet did not appear to be as good. They sell meat from the farm together with other farm products, it is all in all a very professional operation. On the road we had bought a giant edible mushroom, those that grow after the rains start. The restaurant manager very kindly had this fried in butter for us as a starter, free and gratis, it was delicious. Another place to be recommended. Camping Kw100 pppn (US$10), steak about US$8.