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Southern African trip reports.

In response to some requests I have collated the URLs of various earlier Southern African trip reports I have posted on the 4x4 Community Forum. I hope this is not considered immodest but I hope this easy access will help others in their research. This forum is to my mind the definitive source of information for those researching self-drive travel in Southern Africa and even further afield.

1.Trip report Zimbabwe 2010

2. Trip report North and West Namibia 2011

3. Trip report Botswana, Central Kalahari Game Reserve 2011

4. Trip report Zambia 2012

5. Trip report Kgaligadi Transfrontier Park, South African side, Rooiputs and Polentswa 2013

6. Trip report Namaqualand flowers 2013

7. Trip report Central Kalahari Game Reserve 2014

8. Trip report Botswana, Mabuasehube and Rooiputs, Kgaligadi Transfrontier Park 2014

9. Trip report Angola 2016


I really appreciate your effort in gathering the URLs. I used to gather such information from while traveling Africa. Now, I believe these links are sufficient.