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Uganda. Lake Bunyonyi Overland Resort. Wednesday 5 August to Thursday 6 August. Week 15, Days 114 and 115.

We enjoyed chilling out at Lake Bunyonyi so much we extended our stay to 3 nights. We definitely enjoyed our stay here more than the time we had spent on Lake Kivu in Rwanda. Firstly the facilities and locality at the Overland Resort were much more organized and sociable. Secondly the weather was better with less cloud cover and not quite so chilly in the mornings and night. Also we now had the company of Wayne and we are enjoying our time with him. It is good to have a third person to chat to.

We had a quick look at Kalabas Camp, although quieter it was more rustic and smaller than the Overland Resort less than 1km down the road. Perhaps after all the isolation and privacy thus far on our trip we were ready for a little more social interaction. It was a pleasant change to witness the comings and goings of others and the interest in our independent way of travel continued to evoke great interaction. Lake Bunyonyi Overland Resort is very large with a number of cabin-like rooms and pre-erected tents on wooden platforms all on the hilly slope, with great views of the lake immediately below. The same applied to the restaurant and bar area. Campers are accommodated at the far end of the extensive grounds away from the busy public areas and we were camped right on the lake’s edge on a beautiful lawn, a real luxury. The grounds and gardens are very well kept with plenty of birds. The campsite is quite large stretching along the lakeside but there is only a fairly small area for vehicle dependent camping. The level area probably can comfortably hold 3 vehicles. There is a little bit of an uphill trek to the very good and clean ablutions a little way up the hill. These are shared with the pre-erected tents but had plenty of hot water from electric geysers. The campsite had been very quiet on the day of arrival but for the next 2 nights we shared the area with 2 overland trucks with the accompanying loss of some privacy and peace and quiet. It appeared we were in the right state of mind at that stage of our travels and did not mind this at all and had some very pleasant social interchanges with the youngsters. They were going on gorilla excursions at Bwindi and their crack of dawn starts did disturb our beauty sleep a little.

The restaurant is good and reasonably priced, we particularly enjoyed the curries and the fish. However service is slow and as in many other restaurants in this part of the world it is wise to place your order well in advance for a specified time a couple of hours later. There is also a deck from which to swim. Bunyonyi is free of crocs and hippos but I don’t think one can be confident of the absence of bilharzia. They also have dugout and plastic canoes to use and boat rides to nearby islands can also be organized. The staff did a whole bundle of washing for us, including our linen, at a fair price. This was a time of bird watching, relaxing in the sun and updating this blog. They do have free wi-fi but it was quite slow. The population density around the lake is not as marked as around Kivu but there was always typical local boat traffic on the lake. Although, as at Kivu, we were not exactly hyperactive, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay here. Sometimes one just needs to slow down, take stock and rejuvenate from the rigors of overland African travel. We all 3 agreed that Bunyonyi was more enjoyable than Kivu had been. We were also enjoying our very friendly relationship with the local Ugandans whose command of English was usually excellent. Wayne as befits his younger years did plenty of exercise, swimming there and back across the lake and going on a couple of long runs along the spectacular roads. Somehow I managed to resist the temptation.

During the early hours of the morning of the Thursday we were awakened by a bit of an earth tremor and then the aftershock. It was enough to cause our vehicle and tent to shake appreciably and all the birds took to the air, with the hadeda ibises making the most noise with their raucous cries. This was a first for us as we had never before experienced a tremor of any sort. There are a few other places to camp in the vicinity but for facilities and convenience we think we made the right choice. We heartily endorse this lovely area as a destination for a day or three.

Camping was US$8 pppn. The meals were about US$8 – 10.