GEEKS. Zanzibar, (Tanzania) Tembo House Hotel, Stone Town. Saturday 2 January 2016. Week 34, day 259.

There are a few choices of getting to Zanzibar from the northern Tanzanian coast (i.e. north of Dar es Salaam). Our first objective was to avoid Dar, we had had enough of busy and chaotic African cities and we had received countless warnings about driving conditions in Dar, expected to be worse over the festive season. I am a little sorry that we did not take the most adventurous choice of crossing by dhow. Anne is prone to sea sickness but on the few dhow trips we had whilst on Zanzibar she has not fluttered an eyelid.

GEEKS. Tanzania. Peponi Beach Resort near Pangani. Saturday 26 December. Week 33, day 252.


Tiwi Beach and Twiga Lodge – Diani on A14 – Lunga Lunga and border post – Tanzania and Horohoro – turn west to bypass Tanga – turn left (east) in village of Pongwe – Peponi Beach.

Distance Travelled and Time Taken.

The 190km took 5hr 20min.

Route breakdown and details.

• Diani Beach is less than 5km from Tiwi Beach on the A14.

GEEKS. Kenya. Tiwi Beach and Twiga Lodge and Campsite. Thursday 24 December 2015. Week 33, day 250.


Kilifi, Distant Relatives Eco-lodge and Backpackers – Mombasa – inland route – Kinango town – past Shimba Hills National Reserve – Kwale town – A14 tar road – Tiwi Beach and Twiga Lodge.

Distance travelled and time taken.

The 217km took us 6hr 30min.

Route breakdown and directions. (T4A took us straight there).

• The outskirts of Mombasa were reached 1hr and 44km from Distant Relatives.

• In central Mombasa near the turnoff to the ferry at Likoma, we turned north on the Nairobi road (by mistake).

GEEKS: Kenya. Kilifi, Distant Relatives Eco-lodge and Backpackers. Tuesday 22 December 2015. Week 33, days 248 and 249.


Ndololo Public Campsite – Sala Gate – Malindi – Kilifi – Distant Relatives Backpackers and Eco-lodge.

Distance travelled and time taken.

246km and about 6hr.

Route breakdown and directions.

• Ndololo Camp – Sala Gate, 78km and 2hr.

• Sala Gate – Malindi, 103km and 2hr 30min.

• Nakumat Malindi GPS co-ords S03 12,544 E40 07,025.

• Malindi – Distant Relatives Campsite, 62km 1hr 15min.

• Good tar road Malindi to Kalifi.

GEEKS: Kenya. Tsavo East National Park, Ndololo Public Campsite. Sunday 20 and Monday 21 December 2015. Week 33, days 246 and 247.


Chyulu Campsite (Tsavo West) – Mtito Andrei Gate – Mombasa Road – Voi – Voi Gate (Tsavo East) – Ndololo Public Campsite.

Time taken and distance covered.

TOTAL(campsite to campsite); 146km and 4hr 30min.


Chyulu Campsite to Mtito Andea Gate – 35km and 1hr.

Mtito Andei Gate to Voi Gate along the Mombasa Road – 100km and 2 hr.

Voi Gate to Ndololo camp – 7km.

GEEKS: Kenya. Tsavo West National Park, Chyulu public campsite. Friday 18 and Saturday 19 December 2015. Week 32, days 244 and 245.


Amboseli – New Chyulu Gate – Chyulu Campsite (first to Mtito Andrei Gate and back to pay fees.)

Distance covered and time taken.

Total, including to Mtito Andrei and back – 138km, about 5hr.

Amboseli Community Camp to New Chyulu Gate – 59km.

New Chyulu Gate to Chyulu Campsite – 19km.

Chyulu Campsite to Mtito Andei Gate, 30km and about 1hr.

Route details and breakdown,

GEEKS: Kenya. Amboseli National Park, Amboseli/Tsavo Community Rangers Tented/Camping Site. Wednesday 16 December. Week 32, day 242.


Nairobi – Lagata Road – Nyaya Stadium roundabout – Mombasa Road – Sultan Hamud –turn south at Emali after 127km – Kimana after a further 82km – Kimana Gate Amboseli after a further 24km.

Distance travelled and time taken.

The 227km took 4hr 30min.


• Turnoff after Emali towards Amboseli S02 05,406 E37 28,958.

• Turnoff in town of Kimana to Amboseli and community camp S02 50,402 E37 31,357.

• Turnoff to community campsite S02 47,700 E36 27,998.

• Community Campsite S02 47,584 E37 28,298.

GEEKS: Kenya. Marsabit, Henry’s Place Campsite. Sunday 6 December. Week 31, day 232.


Wild camp 27km south of Moyale – Turbi village after 97km – Marsabit after further 119km – Karare Gate Marsabit NP after a further 24km – 22km drive through the park from Karare Gate to Ahmed Gate in Marsabit – Henry’s Place.

Total distance and time taken.

  • Wild camp to Marsabit, 216km, 3hr; (meaning border to Marsabit = 243km).
  • Circuit of Marsabit – Karare Gate – Lake Paradise – Ahmed Gate and Marsabit again, 54km taking just short of 3hr with stops.