Central Kalahari Game Reserve

17 April 2016 Day 6 Week 1 CKGR Passarge 2 campsite

Within the context of our longer journey we just wanted to pop into CKGR and spend 4 days here for nostalgic reasons. Tonight is our last night. We had been warned about the ticks in camp and today they have been swarming over us. Fortunately the Bayticol we have been spraying on our legs has largely kept them at bay. Any insect repellant containing the active ingredient, a pyrethroid will help. Very unpleasant as if snakes and rats are not enough. Speaking of which, the rodent is still in our vehicle and now eating Anne’s chocolate bars. He will be tracked down and disposed of.

16 April 2015 Day 5 Week 1 CKGR Passarge 2 Camp (booking code CKPAS02)

For those who might want more details of the wonderful Central Kalahari Game reserve (CKGR) having a look at these 2 previous trip reports of mine might help, from 2011 here http://www.4x4community.co.za/forum/showthread.php?t=83984 and from 2014 here http://www.4x4community.co.za/forum/showthread.php?p=2208932#post2208932 I think these have as much detail as you might require.

16 April 2015 Day 5 Week 1 CKGR Passarge 2 Camp (booking code CKPAS02)

After neither sight nor sound of them the Sunday Pan lion pride let rip with volleys of roars from both sides of the camp late last night, just prior to us retiring. They were pretty close-by too. I would be lying if I did not admit they hastened our way into the RTT. A little later they roared a few times from the region of the waterhole just below the camp. It is always impressive to hear lions in full voice close-by and in the dark of night. We felt as if we had finally been welcomed back into the CKGR.

15 APRIL 2015 Day 4 Week 1. CKGR Sunday Pan Campsite 2.

Our planned early departure on a game drive was delayed by consternation in the nation and mutiny in the ranks. On opening the vehicle doors we discovered 2 striped mice/rats gnawing away on our loaf of bread. We had been forewarned twice about this menace; first the very recent report from the “Vetgat” group where a mouse in the vehicle had begun chewing up the electrical wires and then also a warning as we entered the reserve yesterday. We met a German couple in a hired vehicle on their way to Rakops. A mouse had also invaded their vehicle and was busy chewing up supplies and equipment.

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