Zambia. South Luangwa National Park (Nsefu Sector). Zikomo Campsite. Wednesday 20 May 2015. Week 6, Day 39.

The title of this post should be: BECAUSE HE CAN, based on the main photo. If you have to ask why……. don’t.

Our beauty sleep was constantly interrupted by the honking and bellowing of the many hippos that had emerged from the river to feed. They were all around us but as far as I know none came into the campsite but they were damn close.

Zambia. South Luangwa National Park. Zikomo Campsite. Tuesday 19 May 2015. Week 6, Day 38

These are times of us being footloose and fancy free and we plan to mosy across to Zikoma Camp about 10 – 20km further east, also on the Luangwa River. This camp will give us access to the Nsefu Sector of the park and a slightly different environment. It will also be quieter but it is in fact amazing how few vehicles crossed our path when driving in the park. However I would imagine plenty of game viewing vehicles when the lodge season is in full swing. We have explored the Mfuwe sector thoroughly.

Zambia. South Luangwa National Park. Wilderness Campsite. Saturday 16 May 2015. Week 5, Day 35.

I really do not want to overanalyze this drive we did in one day. It really was a numb bum day to say the least. If there was only an interesting destination to stay over at the halfway mark and not being too fussed about the accommodation, all would probably want to break the journey after 4 or 5 hours.

Zambia. Lusaka. Pioneer Lodge. Friday 15 May 2015. Week 5, Day 34.

The trip from Livingstone to Lusaka is on a standard route as indicated on any map or GPS.

The distance travelled from Maramba to Pioneer was about 490km.

Time taken 8hrs, some of it through the slowish traffic and many traffic circles of Lusaka, which in fact work quite well. At one of them a large articulated truck nearly took us out as the trailer shut us out around such a circle whilst cutting in on us from the outside lane. Only a heavy foot on the brake and an even heavier hand on the hooter saved a nasty situation. I am sure it won’t be the last.

Zambia. Livingstone. Maramba River Lodge. Thursday 14 May 2015. Week 5, Day 33.

We had a good night at Peregrine. There were 2 security guards and as the camp was empty besides ourselves they guarded only us. We decided to have the 5,000km service done at the local Toyota agency as I also wanted the underside of the vehicle checked whilst up on a hoist for holes that mice could use . Both myself and 2 mechanics could find no entry holes into the vehicle to plug.

Zambia. Livingstone. Peregrine’s Nest Bushcamp. Wednesday 13 May 2015. Week 5, Day 32.

It was time for a new country and a rare long day’s drive. We are trying to restrict these long days on the road as much as possible. Normally most visitors would want to explore the rest of Namibia far more widely than we have done but this is home territory for us and we have explored it thoroughly on previous occasions. The most notable omission has been the Caprivi area and we have now filled in some of the blanks. Judging from our present experience a special trip in the future will be on the cards, including using the border post directly into Zambia via the Sioma-Ngwezi NP.

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